Polymer concrete & fiberglass pre formed trench drain systems.
Stainless Steel Drainage Systems.
The Bonomi Group of Italy is a worldwide organization comprised of four independent manufacturing companies that collectively make up one of the largest valve manufacturers in that country.
Washfountains, prison fixtures, emergency equipment, showers, patient care, faucets, lenox lockers, mills washroom partitions, washroom accessories & thermostatic mixing valves.
With Condair humidifiers, you can select a system operating with electrode steam, subsonic air nozzles, high pressure nozzles, evaporative, steam injection, steam exchange, or gas-fired technology. Our humidifiers are used in data centers, hospitals, hot yoga studios, libraries, manufacturing facilities, museums, printing plants, and schools, just to name a few places. When you need humidity, you can count on a company that has built a reputation for superior quality humidification systems.
Electronic flush valves, electronic faucets & electronic washroom accessories.
Specialty abrasive & safety products.
Keltech Manufactures the Only ASME and NB HLW Certified Electric Tankless Water Heaters in the World
Mission Rubber
Code approved products for the construction industry for the purpose of connecting, adapting, reducing, repairing or capping almost any type of pipe used in sewer and drain waste and vent applications.
Heat-tracing, floor warming, snow melting and de-icing to temperature measurement, fire and performance wiring and leak detection systems.
oasis coolers
Since 1910, we've focused on one thing and one thing only: delivering refreshing water to the world. We're the recognized worldwide leader of bottled and pressure water coolers and provide point-of-use filtration equipment, drinking fountains, dehumidifiers and water pitcher systems to offices, schools, businesses, hospitals, municipal buildings and homes.
Waste overflows, traps, p.o./c.o. plugs, tubular brass, tubular - plastics, toilet & shower, flex's & misc. parts.
pl solutions
Pioneers in Photoluminescent Technology for 2 Decades.
For over 35 years, ThermOmegaTech® has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating temperature control technology. ThermOmegaTech® serves a multitude of industries and, as a result, creates solutions for a wide-range of applications.
roof top blox
Support systems for gas pipe, refrigeration and electrical conduit lines on flat roofs.
Terrazzo mop service basins, shower cabinets & floors, terrazzo/aggregate drinking fountains.
Protective enclosures for sinks & lavatories.
Visionmaker Inc. is a leader in the production of labels and signage in Canada. We have been serving clients in the plumbing, electrical, fire, manufacturing and mining industries since 1983. Given the high quality of our products and their ANSI credentials, our products are often seen as the standard in the industry. Our labels and posters are also easily designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, such as exposure to sunlight, moisture and chemical products.
Waterless Urinals.
Watts drainage products, water safety & flow control, backflow prevention, brass & tubular, chemical piping & acid neutralizing systems, radiant heating, potable pex plumbing.